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PPC Protect Best solution ad fraud

We help 6,000+ marketing teams advertise with confidence

Improve marketing ROI across all channels & stay ahead of the competition

Protect Ad Campaigns

Ensure you only pay for clicks that have a high probability to convert, excluding traffic that we know to be fraudulent.

Analyze One, Protect All

Traffic analysis from one channel can be applied to all, providing a robust layer of ad protection that continuously evolves.

Visible First Party Data

All ad clicks are logged for you to see. You own this first party data, you should have access to leverage it.

In one week the platform identified over 1,000 invalid clicks. You’ll save enormous amounts of money with PPC Protect.

Ryan Pamplin

CEO & Co-Founder, BlendJet

Here’s why over 6,000 brands choose PPC Protect to stop ad fraud


Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, we are built for scalability, ease of use, and security.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Powered by machine learning, our technology ensures we only exclude invalid and fraudulent traffic in real-time.

Agency Approved

Full MCC support. Agencies who include invalid click prevention in their client pitches win 37% more business.

Privacy at Our Core

Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, we don’t use 3rd party cookies and all our data is fully encrypted.


Fraudulent Clicks Blocked in 2021


Total Cost Saved on Invalid Clicks in 2021


Of Display Ad Clicks Were Invalid in 2021

Ranked #1 on G2's Best Click Fraud Software

Based on the numbers, I don’t see how using PPC Protect couldn’t be good value. The fee is so modest compared to what you could be saving.
Tom Pickard
Performance Marketing Manager
Implementing PPC Protect was super easy. The onboarding from the team was great, and we saw the difference in the numbers straight away. PPC Protect is a no-brainer for Volotea!
Silvia Vallespinós
Online Marketing Director
We spent hours optimizing our ads account and believed it was running with little fraud. For PPC Protect to show us how much of our ad spend was being wasted on invalid traffic was staggering
Matthew Erskine
Digital Marketing Manager
The payoff for the ease of setup is a huge value. 15 minutes out of your day and your accounts can save a small % of their ad spend.
Steven Mills
Senior PPC Manager

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